About us

About Us

Established in 2019, PT Fajar Nasional Cipta is a subsidiary of the Kodel Group, focusing on agriculture as its core business. Kodel Group (short for Kongsi Delapan) was established in 1978 and all of its 8 friendship members are experienced and well known businessmen in Indonesia. Kodel Group is engaged in various business sector such as afiliate trade, banking,oil, hospitality and property management.

The founder of Kodel Group have a long history of association with the agriculture industry. In the early 1970s when the industry was under the public sector, the Kodel Group was amongst the pioneers of introducing crop protection product to the Indonesian farmers through import and sale directly to the government of Indonesia. After the industry was opened up to the private sector in the early 1980s, Kodel Group was amongst the first companies to establish a formulation and packing factory in Ungaran, Central Java.

On the next 30 years, the company business grew    rapidly through the introduction of many new product in partnership with large global companies. While the original founders are still active in the business, PT Fajar Nasional Cipta was setup in 2019 as a fully owned subsidiary of the Kodel Group and day-to-day business operations were handed to the next generation. Within the first 2 years of its operation, the company has set up an extensive distribution network, and a team of skilled employees to support business growth.

Our Vision & Mision


To become a leading national company that supports Indonesia’s food security program while leveraging local knowledge, developing relationships, and having a positive impact on every market we operate in.


Creating economic value for all stakeholders by :

  • Delivering technology and quality products through global partnership.
  • Always engaging in fair business practices to ensure a win-win business relationship for all our partners.
  • Continuously striving to improve employee’s sense of ownership.



  • Meet our customer’s needs is the primary objective of all our actions.
  • We believein always sharing success with our partners.
  • We provide a workplace where every employee is valued and has an opportunity to prosper


  • We have a disciplined approach in following all our business processes.
  • Meeting all internal and external commitments is a top priority for our entire team.
  • We follow a rigorous and disciplined approach towards all decision making.


  • We ensure consistency in all of our business practices and policies.
  • Our customers can count on us to consistently deliver high quality products and services.


  • We ensure strict compliance with all Indonesian laws and regulations.
  • Each team member is responsible to meet customer needs and commitments.
  • OEvery employee’s well being is a key responsibility for all our managers.


  • We will be quick to adapt to the changes in our external environment.
  • We will continuously strive to bring innovation in all our products and services.