Nuly Nazlia


Graduated bachelor in engineering and master in urban planning, Nuly Nazlia has been involved in the public sector since her graduation in 2000. She has worked as a consultant for various programs including rehabilitation and reconstruction in Aceh and Nias for tsunami recovery. She was involved in preparing and succeeding international cooperation platforms on issues like humanitarian, open government, anti corruption, economic cooperation, climate change, renewable energy, which were attended by various country leaders/head of economy. In doing her work, she collaborates with multi- stakeholders namely bilateral and multilateral agencies, private sectors, associations, academias, youth, non government organizations and media.

In 2017, together with her colleagues, Nuly established an NGO, Yayasan Koaksi Indonesian (Coaction Indonesia), which aims to educate Indonesia’s demographic bonus on literacy about renewable energy and the role of the younger generation in energy transition. Her competence and ability in creating strategy, planning, and managing, and as one of the shareholders of Kodel Group, has led Nuly to be given an active role to direct PT. Fajar Nasional Cipta in 2021. Under her leadership, she makes sure that the management of the company is carried out transparently, adheres to the principles of good corporate governance, measurable, eficient and accountable.